Becoming a Hoovest Wealth Management client

Traditional functions delivered in nontraditional ways

Step 1: Online form (secure by Microsoft)

If you are directed to this page by an advisor, please complete our secure online form. Your advisor and our Account Services team will use the information you have completed to generate a DocuSign package for your signature.

Individual clients
Corporate or Entity Clients

Step 2: Send us ID verification documents

  1. ID. Front and back of your driver’s licence or the information page of your passport.
  2. Statements. Two (2) original PDF documents (directly downloaded PDFs from online statements – NOT scanned or photocopies) from any of the following categories:
      • bank statement
      • credit card statement
      • utility bill
  3. Direct deposit slip (download from your internet banking) or void cheque. We need this record on file for both anti-money laundering requirement and your investment distribution, withdraws, and contributions.

Please email these documents to your advisor

Step 3: Schedule a call with your advisor and portfolio manager

Please go ahead and book a time with your advisor and portfolio manager to go over the onboarding documents with you prior to signing. You can email your advisor directly or book a time here.

Book onboarding call

Step 4 (optional): Link your credit card to pay for management fees

Some clients elect to pay for management fees by credit cards to collect points. You can set up your payment details here.

Setup credit card payment


Thank you for going through the onboarding process. Please feel free to contact your advisor at any time should you have any questions. We are happy to support you.

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